Wellness in Calabasas

Acupuncture for Calabasas

acupuncture-calabasas-passovDr. Passov found combining acupuncture with chiropractic care significantly increased positive outcomes in her Calabasas patients. She also uses various non-needle forms of traditional Chinese medicine approaches for profound effects.

Nutrition for Calabasas

nutritional-calabasasYour body requires essential nutrients for maintenance, repair, and optimal function. For the health savvy in Calabasas, that means avoiding foods that come in a can, a box, or a bag. We help you transition into sensible eating habits and healthier lifestyle choices.

Chiropractic for Calabasas

massage-calabasasChiropractors can assist you with a variety of health conditions by influencing the relationship between the nervous system and the rest of the body. Dr. Vanessa Passov is a Calabasas chiropractor skilled in a diverse range of the healing arts and passionate about helping Calabasas residents feel and function optimally.

Find out why so many of your Calabasas-area neighbors are choosing Dr. Passov, a practitioner committed to natural solutions that honor the inborn wisdom of the body.

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