Myofascial release in Calabasas

myofascial-calabasas-massageFascia is fibrous tissue that connects and supports your organs, muscles, tissues, and bones. In essence, fascia “holds you together,” and is an important part of your body from head to toe.

When the body is healthy fascia is flexible and relaxed, able to stretch and move with your body. But physical trauma, scarring, inflammation, and chronic stress and stiffen and restrict this fascia. As a result, your body feels tight, restricted, and tense, and you have reduced mobility and perhaps even pain.

The myofascial experience

First, I evaluate your posture and your ability to turn, bend, and move. I also look at how specific movements may create pain or discomfort.

I then locate tender areas and gently stretch the fascia and related muscles, which allows them to release. This experience is different from a massage, but deeply relaxing. After your session you need to drink more water than usual to flush out toxins and reduce any soreness that may arise.

Progress from myofascial sessions rarely follows a straight line. You can expect some ups and downs as your body learns to abandon its defensive posture. As your body heals, your brain increasingly recognizes your new posture and muscle tone as normal.

In time you can expect more ease of movement, increased strength and flexibility, improved posture, and greater vitality.

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