Weight loss in Calabasas

The Passov Plan

weight-loss-calabasasWhy is it so difficult to lose weight and why do most diets fail? We are witnessing an epidemic of obesity despite national and individual efforts to combat this crisis.

Have you tried the points system, restricting foods, counting calories, or only eating packaged weight loss foods, to no avail? The fact is, there are many different reasons people cannot lose weight, including:

  1. Medical conditions, such as a thyroid problem
  2. Chronic stress, which high cortisol, excess belly fat, and the inability to lose weight
  3. Insulin resistance (high blood sugar) or patterns of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  4. An imbalance in gut flora or digestive function problems
  5. Toxicity or the use of certain medications, which congest elimination pathways
  6. Allergies and sensitivities (to food, pollen, etc.)
  7. Emotional disturbances

The Passov Plan is successful because we  analyze ALL of the obstacles blocking you from achieving your goal. We utilize a number of methods to help you with these lifestyle changes. I know you may have tried numerous methods and feel you have failed, but I’m here to tell you you have not failed, our current SAD (Standard American Diet) has failed you.

The Passov Plan includes:

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is used to unblock stuck energy so your Qi can flow unimpeded. This allows your body to access deeper levels of vitality and facilitates the mind-body connection. Prana Plan acupuncture is based on your personal constitution and include points proven to help with cravings, addiction, stress support, or whatever we determine to be some your underlying causes. Sensitive to needles? Don’t worry, we have non-needle techniques for those with needle sensitivities.

Herbs: We prepare you a custom herbal weight-loss formula from the highest quality ingredients available customized for your physiology. We are all dynamically biodiverse beings and  a cookie-cutter approach to weight loss does not work.

Supplements: The Passov Plan constructs your supplement needs based on lab results and uses the highest quality supplements available. You wouldn’t put the cheapest gas in your Ferrari, we wouldn’t put the cheapest supplements in you.

Nutrition: The Passov Plan analyzes your current food plan and designs food choices to fit your metabolic type. Eating for your metabolic type allows your body to work more efficiently so you use your calories for energy and weight loss, not storage.

Testing: We run any necessary lab tests to determine if any underlying medical conditions are hindering weight loss.

Exercise/Movement: The Passov Plan will put together an exercise program that fits your lifestyle and is something you can stick with because you enjoy it.

Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive support program for your ultimate success.

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